I'd like to thank everyone for being my Patreon this month!  I really appreciate the help you guys give me.  It allows me to pay for my bills and such despite the fact that I cannot hold a real job.  

Sorry I've been silent.  It was a holiday weekend for me here in the States.

I'm gonna do my best to continue working on improving HC and adding more content.  I hope to be adding back the trap boxes for 1.9.4.  

Also, I am no longer going to be supporting 1.8.x just like I've stopped support on 1.7.10  I know there are a handful of mods still stuck on 1.8.x, but they will be coming to 1.9.4 soon!  This will allow me to focus, which is always a good thing.

In other good news, I've had reports that 1.9.4c actually works on 1.10 Forge without me having to re-compile.  I'm not certain if there are any bugs yet so always back up your saves!  

Thanks again everyone and don't forget the Discord chat!