Thank you October Patrons!
Your payments are currently being collected, and will then be passed on to me. Thanks again for your support and I trust you are enjoying the rewards and extra things I am doing thanks to you.

Here's an update:

Over the coming 2 x days I will get out to you your audio message and meditation. I will sign the new patrons up to the Pillar of Light Family, or update yours if you joined earlier.

Tomorrow I intend to draw the two Spirit Guide Drawings for the art rewards - one especially for our $130 pledge, and the other will be for the art prints for that reward.

Early next week I will update and share with you our new Patron Sacred Wall.

And during the 2nd week of November, some of you will get to enjoy your own private Distant Healing video - with a personal connection with you. It won't be recorded live, but I will record it and share the private link with those of you to enjoy.

I will be in touch with your October rewards very soon,

Please let me know if you have any questions, or suggestions,

All my LOVE and appreciation,

Lee-Anne Peters