Thank You Patrons!
How's goes it patrons? Long time.

In my previous posts we decided I would keep my Patreon account open as a way of letting anyone who had a heart to support me do so and I've done just that.  

I came over today just to say THANK YOU!

Thanks for supporting me and hope the 1st part of 2017 did right by you.  

So what's up with me? -- So much.

All the usual with Zion plus more. He's headed to kindergarten (yes KINDERGARTEN) next school year and that amazes me. We just returned from a road trip to New Orleans for Spring Break and had a blast. I've started randomly uploading videos of Z to his YT channel Beautiful Zion  so subscribe if you want to keep up.  There are some new medical concerns but also new accomplishments so all remains well.

I've had 3 deaths in my family since the end of December and had to travel to the Virgin Islands in January for a funeral (I missed #2 by a few days). Most recently my 18 y/o nephew passed in a car accident and his funeral is next week. I saw him when I was at home in January.

Beyond that I've been re-evaluating some of my own efforts when it comes to Glamazini but as of today everything remains the same.

1.  I post most frequently on Snapchat  (daily), YouTube  (weekly) and Periscope  (weekly but I *may* do VEDA there {vlog every day in April}).

2.  Can't say I'm on FB "a lot" but I've gotten a couple viral videos on there in the past few months so definitely like my Facebook page  to catch my uploads. 

3.  I'm still in my Celebrate New Growth FB group  but 3 deaths in my family slowed my posting down and I'm just picking back up. Join if inspiration and health are of interest. 

4. 1-3 are where you can find me most frequently but of course I'm still on Twitter , Instagram , and

Thank you again for your support and I hope 2017 continues to (or begins to) rock for you this April.

~ ini ♥️♥️♥️