Hello patrons!  Thank you so much to those who have signed up!!  It is so hard for me to ask for help or even promote things...so honored to have you here, without my even really promoting it yet :) Here's a pic of trees that I took the other night, and example of why I left city life...nature is where it's at (tho I often miss cities and the cultural offerings they provide!).  Also just a reminder, even tho I haven't charged you for any "polished" creations yet - you can always visit my YouTube where I'm writing a song a day for lots of new material.  I hope to inspire you to create more!  Live more, do more, be more!  Life is short, and long, but time is tricky and who knows how much we get.  Trying to get better at noticing the path I want to be on and then following it without so much inner hemming and hawing :)  Hope you're well!  Jessica