Thank you all. Screw you all.
Hey Everybody,

When I started Patreon last year, I figured I'd get a few bucks a month to help cover shipping and offset the occasional small bath.  Maybe it'd offset a purchase or two here and there.  But it turns out I vastly underestimated my viewers' generosity.  And now, here I am, at $1000 a month, in awe of your willingness to support your local jackass.

Yet, no rose is without its thorns.  

Because although this week is going to be completely out-of-control at work, and I wouldn't be able to do justice to the task, come next weekend, I will have to sort through the many, many Z-Hunters in the Nick Shabazz Strategic (and Tactical) Z-Hunter Reserve, probably live on YouTube, to try and find one that locks up. Then I'll be sharpening.  Then, hoping my fingers survive the subsequent full week of carrying everybody's favorite resplendently be-skulled POS.  With videos of my suffering.  Oh, there will be videos. 

Thank you all.  (And, on behalf of Nick a week from today, trying to cut through foam at work with a neon green corn cob, screw you all.)