AHHHHHH sorry folks~! I've been all kinds of crazy busy with pre-PAX, PAX, and post-PAX, plus about a thousand things behind the scenes, working on LitWR and trying to sort that for launch, getting artists and music and files lined up for future months, and and and... yeah. I still haven't done a full August recap yet, I need to do a PAX vlog/storytime video, don't even get me started on all the freaking goals we've surpassed that I need to start researching and incorporating!

.. Ehem.

What I'm trying to say is, thank you. And WOW. Holy crap. Surpassed 100 Patrons, unlocked the last goal, and at some point during PAX we passed 9000 subs (it's over 90--no.)? Wow.

Also. I'm super hard at work at probably literally a billion things and I'm terribly sorry that I'm a bit behind~! Hopefully all the awesome stuff coming up will make you forgive me. *HUGS*