Thank You all and a Reminder coming up!
It's thanks to all of you that things have been going as smoothly as they have despite the impromptu work-vacation I had to take. So, thanks again! 

Now, to the reminder: Skyrim special edition is coming in just a few days. I'll be resuming my game-play of Skyrim at that time. After we see how the "Modding Landscape" settles, I will likely be producing a new Skyrim Modding Codex and then resuming character builds.

The Pirate and Whispering Fang Monk are two builds I am VERY interested in doing provided they will work under the new Skyrim.

There'll be a lot of things to look at as far as modding goes, and I'll likely be posting to patrons quite a bit over the first few days of this.

After things settle down, I'll be looking at having a discussion with the Morrowind Online developer so see what lies ahead of us for that. More news to come in the next couple days.