Thank you!! and Closing Patreon indefinitely

Now that's it's February, which means it's almost March!! and that means... my one year patreon anniversary-- but at the same time I want to share to you that I have decided to close.. or put my patreon on hold indefinitely. 

I am super grateful for everyone's support, message and kind comments that have supported me over this period of time no matter how short or long! Thank you for supporting this artist in amongst so many. I know I say it frequently, but no matter how little or how many, it's a blessing. When I started, I expected no one at all..!

I have gave some thought about my art and want to spend time to concentrate on improving my artwork, create more interesting artworks, trying out different things as well as creating more content and product such as more books etc that I feel would be a better return for your support!!
At the moment I feel dissatisfied I'm doing something just like everyone else when I feel that there should be something I should be concentrating and something I have still yet to see or open my eyes to.
So when the time comes and I'm able to do something even better I hope that it would be worth your while to support that <3

I'll close it within the next two weeks just before the Chinese New Year! I hope that the new lunar year would be a good change of focus and direction and do me well, and to everyone supporting me too!

Feel free to reach out on my twitter as well! at ( )

Thank you