Thank you, and see you again July 17!
We had a blast during our first Patreon-funded stream and we thank all of you for participating. It was exhausting, but totally fun!

Remember to check up on Candybooru for the completed drawings, and come up with some great ideas for next month. Also, please enjoy your memes. You earned them. (We’ll continue to nag Picarto about making them available for everyone to spam.)

For those of you who weren’t around until the end, we announced our next stream will take place July 17, 2015. It’s our only free weekend in a month jammed-pack with con appearances at Anime Expo, ConnectiCon and Otakon, so we hope you can be there!

Finally, for those who are new to Patreon, your pledge will be charged to your payment method on the first of July. Just in case you were wondering why you hadn’t had to pay anything yet! This is how it will work going forward — it’s pretty easy to remember, but we just wanted to make it clear to everyone what to expect.
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