Thank you and Holiday Wishes

Thank you very much for having supported me during the last month and for your continued support on both Patreon and Youtube. I am extremely grateful to have such support and its impact has been immense. Beyond the motions that are already set in place, I believe that we will see the channel benefit from it considerably during Q1 2016.

As you might have noticed, the channel has been less busy during this month. Simply put, this December is a really busy month for me but Christmas and New Year are approaching fast so it should all be over soon. 2016 opens a lot of possibilities both for the channel and our community.

Although I am officially signing off for my 'family time days'  tomorrow, I hope you will enjoy the next few videos that will hit the channel over the coming days. Production will resume in January.

Have a Merry Christmas, a great New Year and a relaxing holiday.