Thank you! First patreonage is processing and you bought me the lights!
As it says in the title really!  A couple of additional gifts from people have come in too, so now I can paint into the wee hours in basically daylight. I can record better quality video (though still trying to work out why the camera insists on shooting narrow, even though its set for wide). So looking good for the second month!

It's really paying off as well being on Patreon. My main reason for choosing the platform was the digital side of what I am providing for people means Europe gets a bit wierd with how it likes to apply tax, which is applied to all marketing digitally now. But using patreon it is all worked out for me, and I can download receipt breakdowns and all sorts, thereby keeping Europe happy.

Better than Brexit at any rate.

I am just working now on the final rewards, that should be ready by the end of the weekend. Although some are ready already, I want to be able to send my current patrons something special for being with me for the first month, and I want to record me creating it (so had to wait for the lights!).  Busy busy.

In the coming month I will be developing my website ( to look clearer, and help people to buy stuff from me more easily than I have been on facebook. And I will be creating a way of people just signing up to email. 

As well as developing some woodblock prints this next month, I have another animation to produce, and a piece of fine art commission which I have been told that although the original is spoken for, I can use the image in whatever way I like.  Which is fantastic.

So bear with me whilst I pull together the final parts of reward number !

Blessings to you and those you love!


 So all ahead full!