Thank you for your feedback, plus a teaser! ;-)
Hi Fellas, and many thanks for all your recent feedback on if I should move the Patreon over to monthly support etc. Firstly let me say how grateful I am for all your support, and that it really has enabled me to do things I wouldn't otherwise have been able to do. Sadly I can't announce it yet as its 'embargoed' but in the next month or so I will be able to announce a *BIG* scientific discovery that stemmed from research that was started directly from funding provided by you guys! :-) and yes, you will be in the acknowledgements! However, in the meantime, your comments on if I should change the patreon support from 'per good video' to 'per video' or 'per month' was split almost evenly between the categories. -Cos as many of you demonstrated, a good argument can be made for each one! The problem is, some of the video I make require a LOT of work, while others take little more than a morning. Nonetheless I would like to thank everyone who supports the work for all this stuff..... cos the truth is you make this channel possible, and the easy to make videos are essentially done on backs of the funding you provide for the good ones! For the moment, I'm just gonna keep things as it is.... trying to make as much quality content as possible, but only putting the more sophisticated videos into the patreon supported feed. *Thank you for making this possible!!* Phil
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