Thank you for the overwhelming support
With the $2000 goal reached, we will make a few improvements to the Patreon. First, supporters ($10) and supporters++ ($25) will now start to get access to development polls from both Nekotekina and kd-11 where the priorities of certain tasks can be affected. The first of these polls will be posted in a few days.

The time is now right for adding a new $3000 goal. If this level is reached graphics developer kd-11 will be able to work full time on RPCS3, which will significantly speed up progress and allow him to focus on certain time consuming tasks. Support for high resolution rendering, that is running any game at any resolution like 1080p, or 4k, is one such task. Moreover other graphics enhancements like using better anti-aliasing and anisotropic filtering is another such task. Another thing of note is that some games run at a near constant 30 fps with the null renderer, that is no graphics rendering, but even Vulkan can slow the game down to 10 fps. This performance penalty can be seen in many games already. There are many major performance improvements to be made around the area of graphics emulation, but this is also very time consuming and hard work. 

Once again, thank you all for supporting us and RPCS3!

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