Thank you for a wonderful 2018

Dear friends.

Dear heroes, all.

This year has been an absolutely incredible rush for me. Over the course of this year, thanks to your support, the stratometaship has grown roughly seven-fold.

Your encouragement and your money have shown me that there is value in my writing, in my art, and in my game design. Without you, there would have been no Ultraviolet Grasslands and no Witchburner. There would be no Red Sky Dead City, there would be no Longwinter (unless we rename it ^_^). There would be no Skeleton. I would never have drawn Alchemax and Warcat, nor all the other characters that are filling out Jeepla's last round.

To me, you truly are a band of heroes, a noble fellowship, the nearly 300. Yes, thanks and congratulations are in order. Please. Congratulate each other. You deserve a hand.

Now, enough looking back. Forward.

Exciting news are coming soon. For the moment I have to stay a little vague, but I can mention both a limited edition print run of Witchburner with additional art and a kickstarter for the Ultraviolet Grasslands. I've even gotten a metal band to agree to let me use some of their music for the UVG kickstarter video, which is pretty cool.

Obviously, though I'm trying, I'm still terrible at making 2 posts a month, but one can dream, right?

And, the first version of Skeleton is starting to come together. I'll be releasing that for free under the WTF Studio imprint.

What's that?

Yep, WTF is going solo. Getting its own online publisher account on dtrpg to compliment the and merch to match. I'm still friends with Hydra Cooperative, but for my own projects I'm going to be my own judge, jury, and excubitor. I'll keep you posted on all _those_ details.

That's me wrapping up the year.

Thank you, heroes. You're the good ones.