Thank you for your support!

Thanks to your support, I purchased these books for me to study and share with you. Some of them were not available for the international shipping so I got them when I went back to Japan. I am sorry that I didn't thank you earlier due to my illness. And I was focusing more  to catch up with the contents for you to watch.

From the right,

  • Kendo Nippon (Revived Publication, No. 0, Volume 1) (US$12.80, US$11.98 shipping)
  • Kendo Nippon (Revived Publication, No. 0, Volume 2) (US$12.80, US$2.37 shipping [estimate, paid in yen])
  • Kendo Jidai  2017 July Issue, No. 467 (US$22.79, US$3.19 shipping)
  • Kendo no Gokui to Hidari Ashi (Ultimate Teachings of Kendo and Left Foot) by Mitsuru Kobayashi sensei (US$13.29, US$2.34 shipping)
  • Passing 4 and 5-dan by Kentaro Takahashi sensei (US$14.84)
  • Passing 4 to 7 dan by Mitsuru Yoshiyama sensei (US$32.66)
  • Nihon Kendo-kata DVD (Instruction: Takayasu Kido sensei; Performers: Hiroshi Onuma sensei and Keisuke Murayama sensei) (US$73.73, US$2.37 handling)
  • Nihon Kendo-Kata DVD (Sasaburo Takano sensei, Hakudo Nakayama sensei, Goro Saimura sensei, Moriji Mochida sensei) (US$51.00, US$11.84 shipping)
  • Budo no Susume (Encouragement for Martial Way) by Shinji Kobayashi sensei (US$37.33)

Sub total: Books and DVDs: US$271.24, Shipping and Handling: US$34.09
Total: US$305.33

Thank you very very much for your support! I will do my best to give back to you and the kendo community!