Thank you for your support!!

we did it team

The above image is a little recap of the art that February patrons supported in March... that's 12 pages of comics!! in addition to tutoring, commissions, sketches, page previews and the following bonus content posts:

What's coming up for April? Well, March patrons supported another guaranteed 12 pages of updates :D I'm excited. The Meek (this chapter in particular) is very labor intensive and it is INCREDIBLE to know I can work on a page for a day or two without stressing about how I'm going to afford the time.

Additionally, a new wallpaper is coming soon for $2+ patrons!

We are also about $100 away from the next milestone, which is the tutorial level. This guarantees a monthly tutorial to all $2+ patrons as well... for a while my tutorials were very popular on dA, but now when I look at them I'm a little EHHhhh... they were okay at the time, but it's been several years and I'm ready to make some new stuff. Probably going to get those ready this month in anticipation of (hopefully) reaching that goal in the next month or two! We'll see~

Lastly, I'm trying to post more frequently here at both the $2 and $5+ levels... I want to make sure you all feel like you're getting your $'s worth out of me not just for comic updates but for bonus content. If you have any questions or want to know more about anything, feel free to drop a message!

And as usual, you always have access to these unlocked comics too :]

Thank you again for another successful month, and see you with more content soon~