Thank you for your support!! and tutorial voting

It's May. We did it, we survived the cruelest month without being mauled by animals, pat on the back for everyone. If you ordered a reward from me last month, or are in a $10+ tier I'll be emailing you later today~

FIRST. Tutorial voting: vote for topics here

This is a serious tier! I really value online learning/ teaching and put a lot of work into making my tutorials entertaining and informative. I have a lot of content ready to share, but want to make sure I'm sharing stuff you guys find personally useful. I'll let the votes collect over the weekend and will start on the tutorial for the winning topic next week. Tutorials will be posted this month for all $5+ patrons.

Second: In case you missed that last post, all my continuous 9+ month $10+ Patrons will be receiving a complimentary icon (like the ones above). I sent out emails about a few weeks ago and am chipping away at my list; everyone from the last round should be fulfilled by next week. If you are in the 9+ group this month, I'll let you know how to get your gift icon later today :]

Third: You may have noticed I've fallen a bit behind on streaming. The reason for this is mostly because my computer slows down pretty bad when I'm streaming, so it's a little bit of a time burden to do them when my workload is heavy (it is very heavy). I'm going to do my best to hold myself to at least one stream a month for sure. I can't guarantee they're going to be as long as previous streams, but I know this is a weakness for me so I'm addressing it~ I will be holding them at random hours and days but will announce them beforehand.

Fourth: I apologize in advance for dropping the ball on anything in the next month or two... I am preparing for my first Kickstarter (for Volume 1 of The Meek), which will be launching this summer :D The amount of work I need to do for this is very heavy (new side comic anyone?) so a lot of my free time that I was using to sleep, breathe, etc will be going towards that. I'll still be updating at my normal 12x a month pace but am expecting it will be all over the place since I'm trying to cram in another 10 pages of comics on top of that this month. PHEW. I'll of course be sharing some tidbits from that as I go but it's gonna be a wild few months.

And, to recap the month, this is the bonus Patreon content that was posted in April!

There will be more to come soon, especially for MI since we're getting into weird(?er?) territory.

And as usual, you always have access to these past unlocked comics too

Thank you again for your support, and see you with more content soon~


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