Thank you for your support.

I don't have a sponsor, but I wouldn't mind it.

It's been a long two weeks. And I still have no idea what to have as the topics in the forum. So I'll just leave that for the comments below, or some kind of expert forum-have-er. This new host is great, and it's thanks to you that I can afford the thing for a whole year. Here's to many more to come, because I've had the domain of purchased until 2019. I'm pretty sure that carries over.

The updates have been removed from the website home page, and all future updates will be either here (or at least the meaningful updates) or on the blog (which will be meaningless rambling... which will probably be more interesting to read.)

Just to remind patrons ($15 and up), you can make a request at any time, every month. Just... do it quick. It's not fun to be bogged down, and I don't want you to wait. There is a queue. And it's completely empty. So hurry!

Who's excited for the Yule Ball? Like everything else in the story, don't take it seriously. Humour first.

Harry and Harley is the next thing on the schedule, because it's the furthest along. Then, the Benson Burner Project, then, probably, The Yule Ball Remake Sequel.

June was a... terrible month (Obviously, in the stuff that happened in June, my experience wasn't the worst). Hopefully, it will get better for everyone. Your support helps me greatly.

There's a second part of the 'epilogue' of One More Time that I wrote at Momocon. I never finished it. Expect it in a few days, because I don't like unfinished, and that first part is shorter than anything I wrote in years. For $5 and up Patrons, expect it soon, for $1 Patrons, expect it closer to Max's Birthday, all at once (or more specifically, a month before Max's Birthday.) Every patron might expect Harry and Harley this month. 

So that's another monthly update. Depends on what drama goes down this month, I'll be working on the content that goes on the website I spent far too much time on.

Again, running down the links - Blog, Forum, and Archive.

Also, Favourites, for all stories, not just Harry Potter. Mostly MA-rated, and filled with missing or once deleted and abandoned gems. Please, don't judge me for anything you find there. I'm a degenerate.

I think that's it. Thank you for your support, and you'll hear from me soon!