Thank you for your responses
Thanks to everyone who commented in response to my question as to whether, when discussing revisions of the first couple of chapters of Going North, I should try to avoid spoilers for the two books, The Dubious Hills and The Whim of the Dragon, that it is a sequel to. The consensus seems to be No, as long as I warn people that spoilers are coming. One commenter asked if there was really anybody reading these posts who had not read both books. I don't know, of course, but I think it possible, since I've often talked to fans of Tam Lin who did not know about or had had trouble finding copies of the Secret Country trilogy.

I'm working on the post about revising Chapter 1; at the moment I'm thinking it will probably go up around September 6th or so. If it will be much delayed I'll post a note here.

Thanks again!  And thank you to people who have become supporters since my last post.  You guys should feel free to weigh in on the question of spoilers as well, if you like.