Thank you for another Milestone
We've hit another milestone for that, and, your  hearfelt company on Discord,  I would like to thank you very much for your generous support. When we reached our first milestone I started adding outtros to my videos. Now that we've reached our second milestone it's time to do a Livestream Event.

A Livestream Event is a live video event between the host and his audience, most have audience participation limited to call-ins or via chat. This can be a disadvantage because it gets really challenging to share feedback. More often than not it's a one way dump of information.

We did a Live event over Discord a few week's back where we exchanged ideas and I answered questions and got feedback, and I have to say that sounded like it was well-received by those attending it. So I want your opinion which option would you prefer?

Option A: Livestream via Google + (requires everyone to have a Google+ account for an invite)

The Hangout will see me do a live youtube show, where you will be invited to listen. Your participation will be limited to chats, and we cannot guarantee that the stream will be perfect. It will also be my first time attempting it. If this is the choice then I will need to do a few test runs to work out any kinks.

Option B; Discord Live Chat

We've done this before, and everyone just connects to the Discord Channel at the appropriate time, and we start. This is a 2-way dialogue where I get to hear from you and I get to share with you. 

The "Livestream" event will be 1 hour long and the dates and times have yet to be confirmed. It will most likely be held at  4pm GMT on a Friday or Sat. Please respond to this post with your views on the event and which option you prefer. I look forward to hearing from all of you.