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Welcome to the That's Entertainment Patreon page! We're going to assume that if you found us here, you're a fan of ours! If you've never heard of us, well here are some links to get a feel for who we are:

Our first official year was truly focused on podcasting-- we produced Everything is Awesome and the Parsec nominated Once Upon a Wine. In that year, Everything is Awesome has been accepted into The 4th Annual Philadelphia Podcast Festival, taken their show live three additional times, and have had some pretty amazing guests on it's show. Once Upon a Wine (along with Everything is Awesome) appeared LIVE for an unofficial New York Comic Con After Party, was nominated for a Parsec award, and published a holiday album.

In our second year, we're hoping to continue our success with our podcasting endeavors by putting on more live  performances, continuing to book interesting guests, and going after the gold. We're also planning to expand into the visual aspect of new media. We're committed producing at least one new skit or sketch a month and begin development on a web series.

For this to happen, we do need to make some upgrades and hope that we can offset the costs with your generous pledges. With your support, we know That's Entertainment can grow into something special. In addition, because of your support, we're determined not just make our content of the highest quality, but also give you more of it. Moreover, on Patreon, that means you will get it earlier than the general release (unless technical difficulties get in the way), as well as being privy to content exclusive to you.

We intend to be as transparent as possible–you'll see how much we're getting each month on the front of our Patreon and we'll be sure to inform you when we receive our next studio upgrade or the next big thing we're able to do because of your support. You're investing in us and have a right to know where that money is going.

We do want to make some things perfectly clear–our content (podcasts, skits, and  sketches) will remain free. The only thing we'd ever consider making 'pay to watch' would be films and maybe scripted series (depending on where it would get picked up). Pledging (or not pledging) to us doesn't mean we'll eventually switch to a premium service. We often get asked "how can we help?" And this is the answer–pledging to us offsets costs we intend on spending. So, either you help us get to our end game sooner or you help us create higher quality content.

Bottom line, as long as this is fun, we will continue to pour our own money into That's Entertainment. You can just help us get there quicker by pledging (and getting some awesome rewards).

Thank you,

~Kev and Mike

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