Thank you for being here.
Hi im Andrew and I am a Yogi, Artist, Poet and Writer. 

 As Rumi said; ''When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy''.  My work is my Joy and to be able share it with you, a priceless endeavor.   

I create books and artwork that mesh together Spiritual Poetry, Philosophy, Photography, and Sculpture aiming to inspire others through the medium of art to realise and embody our innermost nature, Advaita or non duality, known as our higher self, the deathless spirit, Samadhi, God, Brahman, the luminosity of mind itself. 

With your kind generosity as a Patreon I wish to offer photographs of my works, updates, upcoming videos and free downloads of my books 'Continuum', 'Quotient', 'Rubaiyat', 'Emanations'.

I am grateful and humbled if you like what I create and write. Any support I am shown, financial or just a kind word, is very much appreciated.

Om Shanti Om.