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We are really excited and getting everything ready for our trip to India.  This will be my first trip (Lalla).... David went for 2 years back in 2010-2012. He stayed with the Drepung Loesling monks and also sat with the Dalai Lama on many occasions. Our plans are to go to Delhi (3 days), Varanasi/Sarnath (3), Bodh Gaya (3), Gyuto/Daramsala: Dalai Lama (10), Mungood (14), Bylakuppe (3), Taj Mahal (3), back to Delhi (3).  We will be spending somewhere in the neighborhood of 45 days in India. We would love to have your support ($1 or $5) for our trip and look forward to providing travel vlogs and VR meditation videos very soon so you can have a Samadhi  360 VIRTUAL Retreat in the comfort of your own home.  V
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