Thank you for your support in May~
hello happy June

Look at this mess. All of this was funded by Patrons in May, holy moley. Thank you to my commissioners, for the last round of commissions I'll be taking here for a while. Some of you had been commissioning me since I first launched this Patreon 10 months ago, and it means a LOT to me <3

Now to news:

FIRST: There is a fun and easy contest happening at the MI page, if you'd like a chance at one of three icon prizes, take a look~

SECOND: You can vote for the next tutorial topic here! At the time of writing we're a little under the 3k mark, but it's also the 1st, which is when the numbers get a little wonky. If we're still under 3k by middle of the month then no worries; the winning topic will just roll over to next time~

NEXT: a Patreon post recap of May!

This month was very hectic! I mentioned it on TM but a family member died, which was a bad thing, and I also lost a lot of time to unavoidable fam stuff and over-stressing about being away and having more work pile up, which is why I'm updating every single site I have now before I leave. Due to not being around for a week, I won't be sending out my $10+ "thanks/ give me your info!" emails until when I have internet access again? I believe that will be on the 7th at the earliest but I don't know for sure. Likely not until the 9th. The way I usually credit my Patrons is running a public "thank you" image from the 15th of one month to the 15th of the next, so this cycle will still be on schedule despite my sending the emails out a little later than usual. 

Note that due to not having internet access I also won't be answering any emails or correspondence! I'll defs get to it once I'm able to. There is a new $60 1:1 tutorial tutoring tier... because I'm gone, anyone who pledges at this tier in the next week while I'm away will have their tutoring extended until the end of July, and will include both last and this month's tutoring/ HW topics to make up for the inconvenience.

Further, all the icon folks, I still got you! I wasn't able to finish everyone's before the end of the month, but you'll be getting yours before the 15th of June for sure.

Last: I missed one comic update this month ;__; it is in sketch form but not post-ready yet. I suck! I will add it to next month's comics to make up, I will try my damnedest. Thank you all for reading and for allowing me do try my damnedest every day <3

And as usual, you always have access to these past unlocked comics too

Thank you again for your support, and see you with more content soon~