Thank you for bringing Lo-Fi Let's Play back!
Wow! I met my goals! First of all, thanks so much to everyone who's backed the series. Because of you it'll be possible to make something I enjoy again. I'm so pleasantly surprised by how many folks responded to the campaign. This is a bit of a long update, but I really want to thank everyone and let you all know what to expect from me as the series relaunches.

As a kid, my favorite thing to do was to drag other kids into my basement and make them play adventure games with me. Now, I feel like I have dragged you all into my basement, and it is a wonderful feeling. I hope you are at least 50% as excited as I am for the adventures ahead.

Really, though, Lo-Fi Let's Play means a lot to me. Rediscovering and sharing these charming old works was a great source of comfort and joy toward the end of my time in the game industry. They had a sort of innocence I had missed, and a pioneer spirit I felt warmly toward, and they reminded me in an essential way why playing computer games was once a source of uncomplicated joy and imagination for me. The simplicity of their infrastructure, the severity of their limitations, and their earnestness in the face of those limitations is still a touchstone of inspiration for me in the age of modern high-end hardware and noisy social media. I can't tell you how thrilled I am that there are folks out there that share these feelings with me.

Here's what you can expect on a practical note: I've already begun firing up my emulators, downloading and researching games -- both those I lovingly remember and lots that are new to me -- and planning future episodes. Realistically I expect I can probably release a new one every seven to 10 days or so, and I'm aiming to have the first episode of the 'new season' out to you by this time next week!

As promised in the goal tiers, I'll be investing in a binaural mic once the funding has come through for the first couple of videos and we'll see how everyone likes that. I hear and see all you series friends from the ASMR community! This new type of audio will make a change from the rough simplicity of the inbuilt microphone, so I'll be listening for feedback.

As for the longplays, I'm SO excited about these. Doing the Colonel's Bequest longplay with Quinns (of Cool Ghosts & Shut Up & Sit Down and also my husband!) was so much fun, and I've already started to reach out to my local friends who would make good industry 'special guests' to join me. I hope this will be a super fun way to add fresh voices and fresh expertise to the series from time to time -- and also to feature more of the classic adventures I know lots of you want to see. Heck yeah we'll do The Last Express!

All backers at the $5 level and up are promised a regular newsletter -- this will include a extra details about that month's game, instructions on how to emulate it yourself, fun stories, things like that. I'm pretty sure the simplest way to release the newsletter is through Patreon itself, but I'm exploring options.

I have four backers at the $20 level who will be able to vote on future games from among the pool I'm regularly gathering! If they have a tie, I'll be the tiebreaking vote! Cute, eh? I think that's it for now -- any questions or feedback, I'm listening!

Thank you so much, friends. Lots of joyful fun ahead, as evidenced by the attached screenshot of the "season 2" premiere game...


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