Thank you for getting me started!
I want to give everyone a heartfelt thank you for everyone who has pledged their patronage to my endeavors to create affordable stock art for aspiring game writers and other creators. Everyone will become official patrons at the 1st of the month when your credit cards are charged. This will affect what posts you can see during the month as not all posts will be open to the public. 

I am getting things ready to begin creating stock art with your influence. Things such as fine tuning the rewards so that they are more appealing and uploading ready to buy stock art at Strange Moon Publications. It is taking some time because RPGdrive Thru has not verified my account yet so it takes forever for it to be uploaded and available for sale. Hopefully they will verify me soon.

As a special sneak peak preview I am showing a new piece of stock art I just created but have not released to the public yet. This stock art depicts a Mi-Go, a alien fungoid being which was interpreted straight from the text of H.P. Lovecraft's own writings.