Thank you for supporting me!
Another month has passed, and I want to take a moment to thank all of you who are supporting me. I've been very quiet as of late, and there are a few reasons as to why, but it leads to seeming like my activity has gone down further than it actually has.

First of all, I'm throwing a lot into working on a project that I'm keeping under wraps for now. I've done a lot of posting of concept art for things that, while still being worked on, are pushed further down the priority list while I work the kinks out of some of the details. I'll be posting at least a few sketches of what I'm working on, if only as 'proof' that there are things in the works, but I'd like to keep the focus on what I'm doing. Once I get a few more things cemented, I'll be talking about the project at greater length!

Second of all, I've still been involved in Let's Play videos, even if they haven't gone on my channel. If you like, you can check out Suraht's channel for evidence that I do, occasionally, still play videogames and comment on them: I'm joining him for his Earthbound Let's Play, which is completely blind to me! Watch for some completely raw reactions from me.

Third of all, when I'm not recording songs for the musical I'm in, or recording lines for dubs going up on the channel, I'm also doing a lot to try and help Man on the Internet grow as a legitimate production group- everything from viewer engagement to helping tweak lyrics and offering feedback on singing/acting to fellow VAs within the group. You can see the videos going up on the channel:

There are also other plans in the works for Man on the Internet. But nothing I can talk about officially. :D

So I apologize for how behind-the-scenes a lot of my work has been as of late. I'm still able to get by month to month exclusively because of your continued support, and I'm hoping that the momentum from some of these projects will pick up more soon, so that I have more to share with everyone.

In short, thank you so much for helping me survive every month! <3