Thank you for helping save my life

Dear Patrons,

Thanks for helping to save my life.

As  you know, I recently hit my head. I tripped on the rainy walkway up to  our house and hit my head on the edge of a concrete stair leading to our  porch.

I was massively  lucky. The injury sliced across my forehead. It required sixteen surface  stitches and three deep muscle tissue stitches, and went down to my  skull. Yet despite all this, I had no concussion, no brain injury. My  skull stayed intact. My catscan was clean. I never lost consciousness or  got alarmingly confused. Even the scar, while extremely long, is tucked  up at my hairline where it can be missed or covered if necessary.

I  am also extremely lucky because of your help. We have health insurance,  but it's got a high deductible. The emergency room doctor and nurses,  along with the ambulance staff were amazing -- but it cost them a lot of  time, while I also needed things like a catscan.

My  husband and I are treading along financially at a fragile  sustainability, and the medical bills could have thrown us for a loop.  But again, I'm extremely lucky. The amount we needed was almost exactly my patreon balance.

It turns out I use my head for a lot of things, like writing and thinking and blinking.  It would be very difficult to produce fiction without it. 

Thank you so much for your help. I am enduringly grateful.

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