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When I started my Storydwelling Music & Converation LIVE Online with Heatherlyn in January 2017, I never DREAMED the fun we'd have and all the incredible guests I'd get to talk with!!

You can find them all at this link!


JAN :: Kari E. Jacob-Davis - The Civil Rights Movement. Legacy and Dream of MLK.

FEB :: Stasi McAteer - Hyper Local Gift Economy and the Buy Nothing Project.

MARCH :: Peter Rollins // Peter Rollins - The Northern Ireland Troubles and the essential nature of conflict to peacemaking.

APRIL :: Victoria Lin ~ Poetry & Interracial Adoption.

MAY :: We LIVE streamed a bunch of 10 Days In May Tour concerts with Ben Grace!

JUNE :: Erin Nichole - Intentional Community Living and Shelter 50 Publishing.

JULY :: Robbie Goldman - Dry Bones Denver.

AUG :: Benjamin Grace // Ben Grace - Immigration and Protest Songs.

SEPT :: Matt Valler - The Shaping Nature of Narrative.

OCT :: Mark Tidd - Growing up in Hippie Colorado, Archeology, and Theories of Human Nature.

NOV :: Theresa Peterson - Singer/Song-Writer and Community Builder in Boulder, CO. Boulder In-the-Round.

DEC :: Rabbi Brian from will be with us for December's Music & Conversation. I'm thrilled to learn more about Hanukkah and Brian's  "maximally inclusive Judaism that plays a robust role in the healing of the planet and the liberation of human beings."

We have hopes to expand our Music & Conversation programming in 2018 - continuing to interview people who are doing beautiful and interesting things in the world and also lifting up more artists and music-makers! Stay tuned and thank you for your continued support of these episodes which we openly offer and share!

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