Thank you guys ?
Another month has gone by, but there's plenty of work left to do! Just wanted to say thank you guys so much for your donations and support! I've been feeling slightly unmotivated this weekend and actually spent all day yesterday playing Destiny lol. Unacceptable!!! Haha. I'm going to be editing all day today but also wanted to know a few things from YOU! My favorite people 😁 -How are you liking the instant intro into the videos and unboxing? Trying to get into the unboxing slightly faster because I know I hate when I'm waiting on someone to unbox at the 2 minute mark lol. -Content! As you guys know I'm still fairly new to the you tube gig, so I'm still experimenting and trying to "find myself" lol. What content would you guys like to see on the channel? Video suggestions? Box suggestions? If you have any new boxes or videos you'd like to see just post them on here! -Intro/Outro/Background Music, shirt transitions, and live stream times! If you have any suggestions just post them on here! Again thank you guys for supporting me and helping me make my unboxing channel dream come true lol. Have a great weekend! ✌️