Thank you! Here is what we accomplished this week.
First, thank you so very much for the support. Without it there are so many projects that wouldn't be feasible or possible. Here is a quick peak at what we as a team accomplished this week. 

A few young entrepreneurs are passionately transforming the historic district in Kingman, Arizona. Operated on shoe string budgets their eclectic little store fronts are adding vibrancy to a district that has languished for decades. They recently began pooling resources and organized a First Friday event that fosters a sense of community as well as awareness of the dramatic transition in the historic district. Linked with this the all volunteer Kingman Railroad Museum extended hours and offered free admission during the First Friday activities. 

Through the Kingman Tourism, a grassroots initiative, I have begun providing walking tours of the district during the event. I start at the railroad museum, cover about 2.5 miles in the historic district, and end for a Q & A session at the Sportsman, a territorial era saloon. Even though there is a charge for the tours, it wouldn't be feasible without your support. As my way of saying thanking you, if you make a stop in Kingman and are interested in a walking tour, drop a note. We will arrange for a discount, a souvenir, and a very special stop. 

It has been a busy week. 

On Saturday a lunch was facilitated with Luigi Garibaldi, a delightful young man that has poured everything into his dream of having a restaurant, for photographer Efron Lopez, members of the Canadian Route 66 Association, Gary Cron of Baby Boomer Radio, Rosie Ramos of Fenders River Resort, and a few Route 66 enthusiasts. Garibaldi will get a much needed promotional boost from this lunch. 

Efron Lopez is working on development of a photo contest and exhibition that will give enterprising amateur photographers a promotional boost, and the hosting community some much needed publicity. I facilitated initial meetings between Lopez and tourism in Cuba, Missouri. Stay tuned for details! 

For an Australian group, a authentic western barbecue and caverns tour was arranged with the manager of Grand Canyon Caverns. A reception was facilitated for a New Zealand group traveling Route 66. Free museum passes were provided to a honeymooning couple. A special reception has been developed for the first European Route 66 Tour when they stop in Kingman next week. Full details and photos will be shared afterwards. 

Now, an update on the 21 days of Facebook live programs on Route 66. The dates have been pushed from this fall to next May. We do not this to be a rushed endeavor. To that end we are discussing the feasibility of also creating a series of videos for the YouTube channel to compliment the live programs. There are also a few issues with logistics, finances, and other issues to resolve. 

Speaking of the weekly Facebook live programs, we are looking into an OSMO gimbal to enhance them. We are also planning on expanded format programs. Stay tuned! 

Last but not least, don't forget that live Facebook messenger travel planning sessions are available. As a supporter of Jim Hinckley's America you will receive discounts and exclusive perks.  

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