Thank you print and rewards update
First, for anyone that has subscribed so far, thank you. I'll be printing up your thank you print after December hits (that's tomorrow!).

Second, as I've mentioned, I have been tweaking my reward tiers in an attempt to build my Patreon into a successful endeavor. I've decided to make the following changes, which should last for quite a while - these changes have been posted in the reward tiers section, and all corresponding past posts have been adjusted accordingly, just in time for the start of the new month:

  • ALL POSTS WILL BE PUBLIC AND FREE! - That's right. All posts - process blogs, behind the scenes, tutorials, image posts, comics - all of it will be made public and free. BUT...
  • $1 or more - At this tier, I'm asking for your support. If you like my art, my writing, and/or any insights I provide, please consider subscribing for a dollar or more. Like the free-to-play model, when you subscribe, you'll get some extra stuff! All Patrons get early access to all posts, whether it's one day, five days, or more. Plus, you get a monthly wallpaper and any PDFs I create of any process or tutorial posts, comics, or sketchbooks.
  • $15 and up - I've added more stuff! At these higher tiers, art prints and original ink and color sketches will be mailed to you, depending on the tier you choose. Check the reward tiers for details.

As always, things may change as my Patreon grows, but this is the plan for the foreseeable future. The most important thing is that my work gets seen, no matter how many Patrons I have.

If you're a current Patron, please pass my Patreon along to your friends and family. I've even got the URL below for easy copying and pasting. :D