THANK YOU! + November rough schedule!


Thanks so much for the first pay out!!
Jude and I are motivated more than ever to develop our projects!!

Also chatting with all of you on the discord server has been so fun and def adds so much to our day! ♥♥

Here's a rough schedule for November!

Nov. 8 - $3 and up tiers: Tutorial #0 - a prelude to all the tutorials to come! Might sound a bit boring, but it's okay, tutorial #1 for next month we'll start covering inking!

Nov. 11 or 12 - $5 and up tiers: doodle stream! Do the sketch requests I didn't get to last time 

Nov. 15 - 18 - $10/ Curry Rice Patrons: YCH commissions first dibs and discount (They will be about $65 each, discount included*, comes with simple background)

Nov. 18 & 19 - $5 and up tiers: doodle stream! Sketch Requests again!

Nov. 28 - $3 and up tiers: Developmental Update #2 !

Additional notes:

* For the public the YCH comms will be $75. These are base prices, more fees can be added if your character has complex details/ design and if you want props added in or a slightly more complex background than the usual simple one I go for! And as always, these are private commissions, not for commercial use or distribution! Here's my Terms of Service