THANK YOU + Server Updates :)
WOW guys! I didn't even LINK anyone to this page yet and here you are already <3 I wanted to say thank you for your overwhelming show of support so far. 

I'm working super hard right now to get our server up and running. The mod list has been decided and I'll post on this page with updates once every few days so you know what I'm doing.

Servers take time to organise and I'm all on my own when it comes to the build team for spawn and all that goodness. Please feel free to chat in the Patron Chat on Discord, throw me your ideas about the server. I'll be posting pictures of the spawn area in there for you guys to have a super sneaky-peek at, and expect some Patron-Only polls in the next week too.

Last thing to mention is the Discord bot is being a little weird, I'll do my best to fix it so you guys get the right perms going. For now, manual add :D