Thank you so much for the suppport <3 :-)
Hi all Biffa here! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your continued support here on Patreon. As I've mentioned before it's honestly changed my life as your support has enabled me to spend more time creating content which is something I love to do so much. This change in my work situation has also enabled me to spend more time with my family and to be less stressed in general as I am spending more time doing the job I love and less and less time doing the other job which is mind numbingly boring, can be stressful and mind numbingly boring. Did I mention boring & stressful? ;-) I'm also loving the growing community we have here filled with such great people that help each other out, offer support to each other and work together too. The feedback and ideas we share makes this worthwhile. Sounds like I'm being gushy but that's how I feel. From when I first started YouTube I thoroughly enjoyed the viewer interaction there was and with Patreon that's been taken to another level. Thank you. Just a heads up for new people that joined us during the past month, Patreon can take a day or two to process pledges so for those that qualify for access to the Fan Server I will be in touch as soon that's done. As for milestones, we are creeping up towards the next one that will enable me to start putting some money aside for the much needed upgrade to a PC from my laptop, for all the work I do creating content on YouTube & Twitch. Thank you to all those that assisted me in choosing a specification too, great help! Don't forget I also have my Reddit over at for server chat, posting any videos you make on the server, I post links to my Patreon only LP there too and any other chat you want. It's for us all to use so feel free to use it. That's it from me. Just finally to say thank you all again <3 - Biffa :-)
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