Thank you so much for waiting!! August rewards are here!
(Note: my full set of Photoshop brushes and tool presets - and notes on them - are also included in these rewards!)

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Dear y'all, I wish there were more I could give you at this moment in time! Please have these .PSDs and high-res artworks and WIPs, for they are the least I could do for you! (*´艸`*) Thank you so very much for sharing your time and grace with me; you drive me to strive!! And y'all are an inspiration to my little sisses; I kind of tell them what inspiring and vibrantly creative folk y'all are all the time... I'm really honored and glad to have gotten to know y'all! T^Tpq 

This time, the "thank you" bonuses include sneak peek WIPs for upcoming artworks of two series close to us sisters' hearts - Boku No Hero Academia (which has put hair upon our chests!) and Danganronpa!! Do y'all read/watch/play these series as well? ((:3c If y'all enjoy seeing them, I'm hoping to put more WIPs into future thank-you bonus packages!


A very grateful Melly - who is stunned that anyone is still a patron after such a long time of silence/lack of deliverables m(;~;///)m

PS. I've still got to finish drawing little adventure team characters to go with the Patreon tiers so that my odd tier-naming scheme makes (hopefully) just a tiny bit more sense. Then, little RPG-themed mascots will join you in our Patreon party...! Please look forward to it, dear y'all! m(_ _)m 

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