Thank you so very much for you support
Alex here and boy do I have a lot of information to share with you.

Basically, I started this page and my on demand channel just in time. 

Content creators on youtube are reporting a 90 percent drop in income after the youtube boycott.

Other information seems to suggest the claims of the extremist video that had ads on it was in fact a false flag. This coming from a top progressive youtuber that normally doesnt get into conspiracies. Even he is seeing the light. 

Why? To KILL the indy voice on the left and right esp those talking politics and controversy. If the big guys are worried, how can I personally survive this?

Through you alone, the viewer. I will be planning fresh new content on my on demand channel and will still provide new content on youtube if the current situation mediates itself. 

Thank you for your support and I hope to see more people support me directly so I can become more indepedent from the major social media giants and build my own platform while bringing Outside the Box TV back to cable access tv. I am seeking agents in multiple cities to download and broadcast locally  my upcoming series on cable access where they live.

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