Thank you to October Patrons!!
October was a very busy month! It started out by arriving home from the  Solidarity Maryland Texas relief trip to help victims of hurricane Harvey in Orange TX. That was a whirlwind 6 day trip, down to drop off supplies, spend a day volunteering in a pop up kitchen that provides food for up to 1500 locals per day, and then straight back to get one of the other volunteers back to work!

The racism scale has also been getting a lot more use and press. It's now been featured in 3 articles and I see it shared frequently on my own social media feeds, which is pretty cool! Follow along on the website and in our Racism Scale Discussion Group.  

Last, Represent Maryland is growing bigger every day. This month we've:

Attended a gerrymandering rally in DC, launched a separate fundraising program including a t-shirt fundraiser, gotten 10+ new volunteers, launched our candidate endorsee program for Nov 2017 elections and are starting 2-3 new action teams. I'm also planning our Clean Money Commission, a watch dog leg of our group, and an educational outreach-Civics 101 program!!

I am very excited about how RepMd is growing. I really believe that this is the work I am supposed to be doing, and I appreciate all of your support to make me worry a little bit less each month, and keep on doing it.