Thank You & Welcome to the Patron Feed!
I would like to Thank You for supporting me as an artist, allowing me to grow and dream big for my career! :)

Welcome to the Patron Activity Feed!  This is the place where I will be sharing my news, work-in-progress pictures and videos, and where I'd love to hear your feedback and suggestions!

"What kind of suggestions?"

The goals that I listed were just a few things kicking around inside my head, but I really take my cue from my fans.  Just yesterday, a customer at the market approached me about the possibility of selling T-shirts with my designs. 

I explained to her that I would *love* to sell my artwork on T-shirts, however the prospect of carrying my own line is overwhelming (not to mention expensive)... considering I'd need to stock a variety of sizes (and likely several of each size) for each selected design.  And where would I manufacture them? 

I've dealt with print-on-demand apparel companies like Zazzle and CafePress before, and wasn't completely satisfied with their results.  (Zazzle makes nice coffee mugs, though! LOL)   

I'd love to find a local, independent screen-printer to do my T-shirts, if I decide to move in that direction. :) 

Suggestions can range from ideas for new characters and themes, to a product line you want me to develop, or a favorite arts festival where you think I should exhibit my artwork.   

My Patrons here will be my sounding board, my creative directors if you will... and will have an important say in where I go from this point in my career.  :)

Like most artists, my brain is overflowing with ideas, all vying for attention.  Having a trusted panel of advisers will hopefully help me weed through it all, and determine which ideas are worthy of my time.

Since we have reached my 1st Milestone: Write and Illustrate a Book ~ Hooray! ~ the first question I will pose to you is this:

Which story should I tell?  :)