Thank You To Our Current Supporter(s)
Hello everyone and welcome to Level Up Weekly, your weekly EXP of gaming news! First off I'd like to personally thank our current patreon supporter(s) for their contribution. We'd like to say that because you support us, we're able to maintain our costs of equipment, production, and keeping our domain up. You can't be thanked enough for your contribution.

We still haven't received a donator yet who's willing to contribute the $25/ month to get their own custom episode created for them. Please consider it if you're looking to help us out but also get a sweet benefit out of it.

If you didn't see recently. We just finished our 36 hour charity livestream over on . We successfully raised $1,501 for the kids at Helen DeVos Children's Hospital in Grand Rapids, Michigan. It was an incredible experience filled with lifelong memories just like the last three years before this.

Anyway, thank you to EVERYONE for watching, supporting, and helping out our podcast and our business. We'll see you next time for another level up experience. :)

-Jordan "Sphyrnidae" Briney