A thank you to our Patron Darren Blanch
Darren Blanch is a   3D render artist  who has been a sponsor of our Patreon page since we began a few months ago. We are deeply grateful for for his support and this video displaying some his works is our way of saying Thank-you.

Check out his pages and his artwork at the following links:




Tier Benefits
Pledge $0 or more per Video
Pledge $0.01 or more per Video
Patrons Only
It adds up
$1 or more per Video 0 patrons
1$ doesn't seem like a lot to many but it is to us. 

1$ per video gets you access to the Patron-only Feeds. All info on Anthrothia, Sneak Peeks, discussions will be for Patrons only. 

 You will have your name in the credits of each video as a Patron  

$2 or more per Video 3 patrons
  • Anyone who sponsors  2$ or more will automatically be on the Beta tester list for Anthrothia if you desire it.
  •  It will only be open to beta tester for the first few releases. More info will be provided as we draw closer to my debut date. You also receive the reward of tier 1 as well as shouts with each video on any link for your own art or homepage you might have. ( No adult links though...tsk tsk)
You rock!
$5 or more per Video 0 patrons
For 5$ or more per video 
  • You will have input  into naming game characters as well as helping us make decisions on game play as well as story line
  • This includes all the 1$ and 2$ tier rewards
To be announced
$10 or more per Video 0 of 150 patrons
  • For 10$ per video you will get:
  • Anyone in this Tier will have their names added to the credits as Game design consultants :) or something to that effect, but you will definitely be given credit in the game itself.
  • We are trying to think of an extra special prize for this tier concerning the game world. That will be one of the discussions we will have with all our Patrons.


  • This includes all the 1$ 2$ and 5$ tier rewards
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