Thank you video, playing with FaceRig
Thanks again all of you for your support and the Anon for the birthday gift. Here is why I wanted this silly program . I really wanted to be able to talk to you more and make things a little more personal, but after a lot of the problems and harassment I had in the past I don't want to have my face plastered around online. It has taken me a long to get to the point of talking online after everything that happens back then. I used to love doing panels and talks at conventions, but as you know I can't really do that anymore. This will allow me to do a bit of what I used to, but using a 3d model for my face. 

Next week, I'll try to make my own avatar, but I wanted to show you all what this program does so you get an idea of what I'm planning. I'm thinking of doing some simple short videos about the weekend events and answering some of your questions while I'm at it. While I could do it while drawing I tend to get distracted and lose track of my thoughts while working so get off topic easily. This way I can just focus on all of you from time to time. I can even do video Q&As like this, just need to figure out how to get the feed to work... looks like it is set up for twitch, but not  

Anways, thanks again for all your support. I'll get back to work next week. I plan to do an intro video using this program for my Patreon page, I know I was trying to do that VN version, but it was taking way to long to get it all together. This will be easier. I'll make a quick one with the red panda or kitty and then another when I create my own avatar. 

Well off to get my cake now. I got an assorted selection of cheese cakes. Basically like 4 cakes cut up into 1/4s and served together so I get a bunch of different flavours. 

So, enough rambling. I'm off. 

Have a good weekend everyone.