Thank you! We hit our first "secret" milestone!
To each and every one of you: Thank you! Because you pledged, we have made it to a big milestone: $100/month! This is huge for us. Next month will be the first month in the two years since Tumble started that we won't have to pay to make the show. 

We pay to host  our podcast on Libsyn (that's how it gets to iTunes!) and our website on Wix. We also pay a subscription fee each month for Adobe Audition, our editing software. Plus, we just bought a fancy and expensive new microphone (the one Michael Jackson used to record Thriller, not kidding!) so you can hear us better against the highway noise. 

Basically, there are lots of expenses associated with making a high-quality podcast, and we deeply appreciate your support in helping us make it. We do it for you!