Thank You Johanna Wright
Creativity thrives on collaboration and support. This past week we received our first big thumbs up by Johanna Wright  whose magical illustration of diverse readers having  experiences is the core of our vision at Tree Top Suite Publishing .  

If Johanna's name sounds familiar it is because she has written and illustrated The Orchestra Pitt , Bunnies on Ice , Bandits  and The Secret Circus all published by McMillan. She has also illustrated books by Julie Sternber, James Proimo, and Kay Umansky. Check out her interview in the H&A  blog.

The world depicted in Johanna's illustrations is the world I live in as a writer. A place were unicorns roam; diverse people thrive and coexist; trees are castles, guides, headquaters to imagination; and wonder is the national language.

Your Patreon support will help us pay for wonderful independent talent, like Johanna's and publish stories that inspire the next wave of diverse leaders.

 Thank you for being a patron. Thank you for sharing and caring. Every click matters.

Dream On!

Catalina Sofia Dansberger Duque

Founder of Tree Top Suite Publishing