hi thanks everyone who signed up here. This first round of stickers will be two 3d frog stickers, and two secret stickers. 

I've done frog stickers in the past, but they sound out really fast. Hopefully doing them again for this will be OK since they were pretty popular. 

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thank you so much 
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$5 or more per month 5 patrons

You get to see all of the hidden posts here
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$7.50 or more per month 127 of 150 patrons

  • One special pack of stickers designed by me and rendered in 3d
  • access to the blender files of the stickers
  • vote on themes of stickers
  • watch me make them on twitch
  • 10% discount on my shop
  • pre order new products ahead of time
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You are in the sticker club and the monthly merch club at this tier! Special deal price! I love you. 
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send me a theme and i'll design a postcard sized print (in 3d) for you. Then I'll print it out and ship it over! Includes all previous tiers as well.
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