Thanks and Info
Hey, everyone! 

Just wanted to thank you for all your huge support as always! We hope you're having cool spooky Halloween time.

As you can see we always try to create some useful and interesting content for you and make posts everyday when it's possible. Usually, we post tutorials, process pics and new cosplay photos and selfies. Sometimes backstage videos or vlogs. Our goal is to keep this page interesting for you so if you don't like anything or would like to see anything else we are happy to know your opinion! 

We would love to make more free content and tutorials, but for now this Patreon page is a huge support for us. We keep trying something new to finally find our own way in cosplay and creative life that's why we are endlessly thankfull that you are here! It's very inspiring and motivating for us.

We found out that some people who unpledge (which is totally ok for any reason) are not satisfied with the content we create, which is totally ok too. But for us to grow is important to know what was wrong and how we can change it. So if you don't like anything just let us know, maybe we could do something to improve and that would be great! 

Thanks again, warm hugs for all of you,


P.S.: Oh, and the end of the month is close so if you are not going to pledge for the next month - be prepared to unpledge! We keep preparing October Rewards, they are going to be here in time.