Thanks, and a little more about JukeShop
Thanks to the folks who have become a Patron of this project so far.

I wanted to tell a little more about what I've experienced since starting the JukeShop project a bit over two years ago.  The original idea for this came from my wanting to learn some additional metalworking skills myself for a big project I had in mind.  At the same time I found a few friends were looking for a space they could work on their own projects and I said "I've got a shop you can use...come on over"....and things grew from there.

Over the last two years we've had welding classes and to work with Corian clases (and barbecue)....we've had people work an a wide variety of projects...(and eat barbecue) including

Fixing things like:

A faulty grinder

The exhaust system on an old Toyota MR2 

A Hanna Montana Guitar 

To making things like:

A welding cart

A bigass welding table

A firewood rack

A decorative metal garden gate 

A  steampunk jetpack complete with 3d printed translucent flame lit by leds

and much more.

What I've found is that, as much as I enjoying working on my own projects...I've enjoyed helping others with THEIR projects even more.  Having a few folks standing around one of the shop worktables together and brainstorming on how to approach a particular problem, whether it's how to rewire that Goodwill Hanna Montana guitar so it stops screeching, to the best way to build the new welding table....working collaboratively with others just....floats my particular boat.

In addition to working with others...just being able to facilitate people being able to work on their individual projects has been something I have fallen in love with.  Watching folks come into the shop with a fix, to paint, to improve, or just an idea of something they want to make...and then watching them walk out with it being MADE is just.....great.  It's more than is intensely gratifying.

So, that's why I spend much of my free time in the shop and plan to spend most weekends at home so folks have access to the shop.   It's a wonderful thing to help facilitate creativity.

THAT'S what the JukeShop is all about.


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