Thanks Everyone who responded
Thanks all of you who responded to my question about if I should redraw Inside OuT or not. Seems a majority of you don't think I should. I'm still concerned that new readers will be turned away by the quality of the first volume, but I won't let it stop me from continuing on as I have. I'll just have to figure out other ways to draw in new readers. 

Thanks for your support this June... geez, this has been a hellish month... nearly passed out twice from the heat, new dose of my meds, New art program, a lot of running around. I think I got a decent amount of work done considering the way my mood has been with these new meds. 

Here is Hoping July doesn't kill me with the increasing heat. I'm going to have to be extra careful since I seem to be effected by the weather more then usual now... *sighs*