Thanks everyone!
We're just getting started, but this is kind of cool. :) There'll be new content here for everyone posted this month. I can't say exactly when, because the schedule's pretty busy. HMS Nightingale releases next month, so has to have the final draft uploaded by 10/28.

The audio version goes to Elizabeth for narration 10/10, so that's when all but the most insidious typos have to be gone.

AND I'm attending two events -- Savannah Quill in, well, Savannah this weekend (with a hurricane just off the east coast while I drive up I95 in a couple days) and Honorcon on 10/28. 

If you're going to be in Savannah 10/8 or Raleigh 10/28, maybe stop by one of those events and say, "Hi!" 

Thanks again!

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