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This was a little piece primarily for Tapastic, but it's a reach out to everyone that helps make Mallory Bash possible. Thanks, folks.
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You're a wonderful human being, and you have now gained access to the Patron-only feed! You'll get early editions of every Mallory Bash comic episode one day before they go live across the web!
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Access to the original scripts for each episode, as well as blog posts about ideas coming down the story pipeline for the comic!

Plus, you'll get in on monthly video conference workshops, where we'll talk about our work and give each other feedback!
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You're lovely, you know. A shimmering diamond of grace and dignity, you are.

You get  access to the original PSD file! I also post each step: sketches, inking, flat color, and complete! AND you get an inked and signed caricature of yourself!
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  • Plus all previous rewards, of course.
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